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We can use BaZi to understand ourselves in details, even if we might afraid to admit our weaknesses or are not fully aware of our own personalities. This enables us to maximise our strengths and improve on or eliminate our weaknesses. BaZi and personal growth BaZi can help you to understand yourself and the journey […]

The magnitude of effect is determined by the Feng Shui Master, on his selection of the burial site or niche based on certain data requested from the client. If after the cremation, the family is blessed with good career or business prospect, such that things are turning out well than before, then the Feng Shui […]

先天不足,後天失調 The capability and ability of the descendants to be able to compete in this generation partly depends on the study and usage of Feng Shui to harness on the power and energy extruded by the forefathers, and to marry this energy into the current environment to achieve the maximum potential for the living generation. […]

In many countries, where land is scarce, cremation becomes the mainstream type of burial. Many such countries, offers ground burials for couple of years, after which the decease needs to be exhume and sent for cremation. The ashes are then placed in niches. The elemental composition of a living body is approximately 65% oxygen, 18% […]

A well-positioned environment is a form of respect for the deceased. Many tends to believe Feng Shui is applicable only for burial ceremony, and do not apply to cremation. The truth is both methods of burial requires proper Feng Shui analysis and implementation to harness the energy from heaven and earth. With the correct placement, […]

生有日,死有時 When a person is born into this mortal world, he or she is conferred a personal destiny chart (八字). This destiny chart is unique to each individual, and is intertwined with his spouse, parents, grandparents, children, siblings and all relationships this person is destined for his or her lifetime. The destiny chart dictates all […]

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