What Can Be Achieved in BaZi Analysis: 5 Ways BaZi Can Help You

We can use BaZi to understand ourselves in details, even if we might afraid to admit our weaknesses or are not fully aware of our own personalities. This enables us to maximise our strengths and improve on or eliminate our weaknesses.

BaZi and personal growth

BaZi can help you to understand yourself and the journey that is ahead of you.  With integrity, honesty, humility and charted direction, you will be able to attract successful people and build your organisation. In terms of personal growth, by understanding the forces of nature, you will be clam and understand the cosmic balance of cause and effect, making you a better person.

BaZi and self-awareness

Because BaZi is an effective analysis tool, it has been used extensively in various areas, particularly in the field of psychology and other related activities. In this article, we are going to look at the different ways in which BaZi can help in analysing our strengths and weakness and enhance our own development. Before we get started, it’s important to clarify that BaZi is not a skill test but a tool to understand and analyse us better. And we, in effect, should use BaZi with this and that we should look at it as a tool to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves.

BaZi and knowing one’s strengths

Knowing about your individual strengths and weaknesses gives you a much better feel and control of your life. Our work also improves when we know our strengths and weakness, especially when we are aware of the areas that we can improve on and improve our lives. The fact is, we can achieve almost all we set out to achieve if we are willing to put in the time and effort. BaZi Analysing ourselves is not an easy task. It involves facing our personal problems and realising their source. It involves facing our weaknesses and confronting them. It involves discovering our personal strengths and weaknesses and knowing them. It involves taking action and using the information we gain from BaZi analysis to get great things done in life.

BaZi and knowing one’s weaknesses

We don’t know anything about ourselves except what we say, what we believe and what we can visualize in our minds. We know things like age, height, weight, marital status, but we often don’t know the real dimension of our weaknesses. We are quite sure about our mental weaknesses but often find it hard to pinpoint our physical ones. This, when coupled with our poor self-assessment skills is very dangerous and can prove dangerous in many ways. We often end up getting engaged in destructive practices. An example of this is where our unwillingness to face our weakness causes us to choose harmful partners. Another example of this is the lack of self-confidence which causes people to fail even when they have what they desire.

BaZi and improving oneself

BaZi is the best possible way to understand ourselves, other people and business. By understanding our own personalities, we can be more motivated and follow our own conscience. It’s also a great way to identify the best leaders in the field. “Leaders have many choices. BaZi is one choice among many.”


In closing let me tell you this. You do not need an expert as an BaZi master to benefit from this knowledge. Yes, you read that right, BaZi can benefit any interested individual of any age, any socio-economic background, any educational levels.

Anyone who wants to improve on himself, to be more competitive in the market or job. Anyone who is interested in finding ways to improve on personal productivity, making more money or simply living a more satisfying life in general.

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