Why is good Feng Shui environment beneficial for the deceased and the immediate family?

A well-positioned environment is a form of respect for the deceased. Many tends to believe Feng Shui is applicable only for burial ceremony, and do not apply to cremation. The truth is both methods of burial requires proper Feng Shui analysis and implementation to harness the energy from heaven and earth. With the correct placement, energy is accumulated and emanated back to the family members as positive energy, promoting wealth capacity by several folds. His descendants will be blessed with a promising future, good fortune and good life, powered by the ever-renewing energy received from heaven and earth.

In other religious context, harnessing energy from heaven and earth from a good burial ground or niche, facilitates the transition of the soul from mortal to the immortal heavenly realm, should he or she accumulated sufficient practice and merits.

Feng Shui for the deceased and living applies to all religions. This is because the positive benefits brought about by securing a burial ground or niche with good fengshui do not differentiate between religions nor races.

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