What is the best burial type?

In many countries, where land is scarce, cremation becomes the mainstream type of burial. Many such countries, offers ground burials for couple of years, after which the decease needs to be exhume and sent for cremation. The ashes are then placed in niches.

The elemental composition of a living body is approximately 65% oxygen, 18% carbon and the rest of other elements. The human body contains majority of Earth element. In the context of burial, Earth or ground burial (土葬) would be classified as the natural burial methods. Other burial types like cremation (火葬), water burial (水葬), sea burial (海葬), tree burial (树葬) and ice burial (冰葬) are termed as “processed” burials.

In the practise of Feng Shui, only ground burial is able to extrude the most amount of energy, while other types of burial are at most at a comparable 30%, to generate energy can be given to and enjoyed by the future generations (福蔭子孫).

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