Why do we need to implement Feng Shui for the deceased?


When a person is born into this mortal world, he or she is conferred a personal destiny chart (八字). This destiny chart is unique to each individual, and is intertwined with his spouse, parents, grandparents, children, siblings and all relationships this person is destined for his or her lifetime. The destiny chart dictates all activities and encounters during this person lifetime, from the moment he is born to his last breath in the mortal world. A person’s destiny chart impacts the person’s life journey, he or she will experience different luck levels through the passage of time. This is the environmental energy impact on a person’s destiny chart.

Birth Chart (生有日)

The personal destiny chart encodes the wealth capacity of a person life time. Simply in writing, the destiny chart is the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) of a person, which determines the in-born characteristics of a person. Like the DNA profile, each destiny chart is unique to the individual and will not change throughout the person’s lifetime.

Death Chart (死有時)

The death chart (死時) represents the capability of the deceased to astute energy (气). The quality of energy emitted interacts with the principles of Feng Shui (风水). If the environment where the energy interacts is positive, then positive energy will enhance the well-being of living members of the family. Family members tends to enjoy great wealth, good health, career advancements, assistance from noble persons, cordial and loving relationships.

In contrary, where the decease energy emitted interacts with negative environmental energy, then the negative energy will interact with members of the family, which may create undesirable outcomes.
Therefore, Feng Shui for the deceased is an important aspect to be taken heed for the benefit of members of the family. A good Feng Shui Master is able to harness both positive and negative energy from the deceased, to amplify the positive energy and/or mitigate or reverse the negative energy, to achieve a high probability of success in the desired outcome.

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